MIND 4.0 Big Data Analysis Platform

MIND 4.0 Big Data Analysis Platform analyzes and interprets millions of data points created in real-time by Scada, IoT, and Sensors in the industry, and shows the results of the analysis through simple and interactive dashboards.


With Mind 4.0 Big Data Analysis Platform, you can analyze your Scada, IoT, Sensor, database and log data in real time, observe error conditions and anomalies, generate alarms and warnings with the determined rules and take automatic actions based on them.

Realtime Analysis

It delivers real-time data flow and analysis with high performance and low latency owing to its advanced infrastructure.

Suitable for Industry 4.0

The platform's infrastructure has been designed to be compatible with Industry 4.0 technologies, which are widely recognized as the world's most advanced industrial development.

Adaptable and Expandable Infrastructure

It has a flexible and expandable architecture to be able to keep up with changing needs of the time.

Easy-to-Use Interface

Without the requirement for coding, it can create new images, tables, summary report screens, and detailed documents.

Easy Integration

It integrates all types of data and data-generating devices in your business swiftly and efficiently, allowing you to connect to work right away.

Advanced Security

The data in your organization is protected to the greatest level of security due to its robust control management and additional security layers infrastructure.

Big data analytics Premise Maintenance Services Defining warning and alarm Anomaly detection

Usage areas

With its powerful and flexible nature, Mind 4.0 can be used in many sectors such as manufacturing, transportation, rail systems, smart cities, logistics, energy, where the analysis of Scada, IoT, Sensor or log data is needed.

  • It is ensured that the data stored in SCADA systems dispersedly are combined and analyzed in a single center.
  • It is provided that data gathered from different endpoints are kept in a right way to ensure long-term access and that historical analyzes can be made.
  • It is ensured that malfunctions in existing devices can be detected in real time.
  • It is ensured that the devices that produce the most malfunctions and the factors that may cause these malfunctions to be analyzed.
  • It is ensured that real-time data produced is processed and complex rules can be executed on this data thanks to the business intelligence component.
  • Different data integrations can be made according to different data models in different sectors.
  • It has necessary connectors in order to obtain data from different end points.
  • Warning messages such as error, warning, alert, and alarm can be generated in cases that match these patterns by defining certain patterns on the analysis component.
  • Potential problems can be detected in advance on the analysis data by making anomaly detection.

Technical Specs

Mind 4.0 has been developed with the technology standards that are accepted in the world for big data analysis that flexible, expandable, scalable, low fault tolerance, fast data processing capacity and high performance.


It can be operated on any number of servers as distributed.

Low time-delay

Mind 4.0 has a capacity of processing real time data in high-speed.

Fault tolerance

Mind 4.0 has a feature of gathering and processing data without error thanks to its architectural structure.

High usability

It securely saves your data and ensures that it is always accessible even in hardware and network failures.

Product Screenshots


In Mind 4.0, strong technologies of open source world have been combined with our know-how.