Mantis ChatBot

It is the ChatBot platform, a next-generation communication channel where organizations may create their own smart bots, launch them, and make the appropriate arrangements.


It is a cloud-based SaaS ChatBot platform that analyzes users' questions in a most effective way by using natural language methods, detects the most suitable answers with the smart matching engine for questions, and delivers the answers to users.

Natural Language Processing

Thanks to robust natural language analyses, even if questions are made in different ways, it is able to create answers with the ability of understanding.

Daily Speech Patterns

It gives suitable answers by recognizing the pre-defined daily speech patterns. Thus, it stimulates the feeling of talking with humans instead of robots.

Swearing Detection

It detects swearing and insulting words coming from the user and creates suitable answers to them.

Question Management

Thanks to its dynamic question-answer management displays, contents can be created or arranged in a fairly simple and fast way. Changes in the information base are instantly transmitted to the user.

User Interface Integration

Thanks to its flexible nature, you can transform and use the solution of ChatBot in a suitable way to your website design.

API Support

With API Support, you can conveniently use ChatBot integrating it into your software projects independently of the programming language you use.

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Usage areas

Mantis Chatbot developed as a SaaS solution can be used in many fields as sector independent such as human resources management, meeting room reservation, cargo tracking, FAQ bot.

  • The questions do not have to perfectly match the sentences in the database; it may recognize questions expressed in a variety of ways.
  • It delivers correct matches even if the words in the questions change, no suffixes are utilized, and some words are forgotten.
  • The length of message replies is decided dynamically based on the length of the reply.
  • "Did you mean that?" provides options if the user's question matches more than one question in the database.
  • It enables for the creation of definitions based on rules for queries that need to be answered in depth.
  • In off-topic questions, it captures the topic and directs the user to the context.
  • Allows for the definition of process steps and questions in each procedure.

Technical Specs

Mantis ChatBot was developed as SaaS solution in order to be operated easily with any web solution. It provides ChatBot skills to be added to your application integratedly in your projects easily thanks to API it has.

Widget support

It provides an interface that allows the platform to be easily published on your website. Thanks to this capability, the functions of receiving user questions and presenting appropriate answers produced by the platform are easily performed.

Natural language proccessing

It is a software component that enables the parsing of the questions entered by the users in the bot window, performs word analysis, and provides the meaning of the context on these questions by using natural language processing methods. Recognition of special words in dictionaries created as date, time, location, place, name or user-defined and associating them with context are provided by this component.

Knowledge base

It is a knowledge base created using a special data structure in order to match the possible questions of the users and the answers to these questions with high accuracy. In this knowledge base, besides the question and answer pairs, each question is related to which process or sub-process step, whether the answers to be formed are shaped according to the inputs to be received from the user or other information systems, and if the question is about certain rules, these rules are also kept.

Matching engine

This component is a question-answer matching engine, developed using intelligent algorithms, that compares the question from the user with the answers in the knowledge base, and provides the most appropriate answer. In addition to question-answer matching, this component also provides features that enable understanding of the context, responding to questions that are irrelevant or not belonging to the process step, or identifying questions that are very close to each other and requesting details from the user.


This component, enables integration with external information systems, ERP, CRM, SAP, DBYS etc. Component can extracting data or sending data to these systems. Existing ChatBot connectors can be used for different platform integrations or new connectors can be developed quickly thanks to its flexible structure.

Management Panel

Thanks to this component, many platform features such as creating a ChatBot system as SaaS, adding or removing ready-made templates to this system, designing process and knowledge base, creating field-specific dictionaries, creating and editing rule bases, and displaying usage statistics are provided.

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In Mantis ChatBot, strong technologies of open source world have been combined with our know-how.