Big Data Analytics

It provides necessary infrastructure and solutions in order that billions of data are to be processed simultaneously, cleaned, and deduced meaningful data. Information obtained by big data analytics is presented to the attention of users through limpid interfaces.

Artificial Intelligence

Automatic classification of data is ensured by using models created by machine learning methods on big data sets. Thanks to intelligent models, decisions are made by machines automatically and correctly instead of humans.

Search Technologies

It provides search engine solutions with advanced querying abilities on large document and data sets. It provides necessary technologies for millions of data to be processed swiftly and to be accessed.

Process Management

It provides necessary software solutions for analyzing, automatization, execution, documentation, and measurement of the performance of your institution's business processes.

Decision Support Systems

It offers software services that provide the fastest and most accurate decisions to be made by using rule-based or complex event processing techniques on real-time and big data.

Industry 4.0

It provides big data analysis solutions that analyze and make sense of millions of data produced by SCADA, IoT, and sensors used in the industry in real-time and present the analysis results through easy, comprehensible, and interactive interfaces to users

Health Informatics

It provides innovative, fast and high performance, recognition, treatment, personal coaching system and smart health services using machine learning and artificial intelligence methods on health data.

Text Mining

It provides software services such as converting from image to text, breaking the text up into its pieces, language identification, entity name identification, parsing and producing vocable statistics via NLP techniques and artificial intelligence solutions.

Social Media Analysis

It provides instant processing and analysis of data gathered from different social media channels and offers its users advanced user and media analysis.

Ontology Management

It provides infrastructure and software services that enable the data to be interrogated semantically considering these semantic relations by establishing and managing semantic relations between domain-specific notions.


It ensures that appropriate answers are automatically presented by using artificial intelligence and natural language processing techniques, matching questions with questions defined in the knowledge base with great accuracy.

Model-Driven Programming

It provides necessary infrastructure services for the solution of industrial problems by integrating visual or textual models with software systems in order to understand, explain and resolve big and complex problems.

Image Processing

It offers powerful solutions specific to the problem by combining basic image processing approaches such as preprocessing, feature extraction, and enhancement with deep learning methods to obtain patterns and significant expressions on images.