We Accomplished PHE Project Successfully

13.01.2021 news

The PHE project supported in the call for ITEA-3 Smart Health in which MANTIS was the country coordinator, was accomplished with a successful presentation with the participation of all project partner companies. Phew project; aims to develop an e-coaching software system that is interactive, customizable, and dynamic allowing preventive and protective measures to be implemented to constantly follow up and analyze the medical data of patients.

The PHE platform developed within the scope of the project; has been provided with the ability to bring patients and physicians together on an online platform, to offer patients a customized coaching system, to online monitor and intervene the offered coaching plans, to process the data collected from wearable devices in real-time, to detect daily activities of the user, to create profile modelings for patients according to coaching plans, to provide preventive and protective healthcare services, and to ensure a high-quality and low-cost application environment.

For further details on the project visit PHE official website ve PHE tanıtım broşüründen.