Two New Projects for the ITEA-3 Call 7

15.02.2021 news

Two new projects on smart health, named HekDisco: Healthcare Knowledge Discovery and Secure E-Health were submitted to the MANTİS ITEA-3 Call 7.

Our company, eager to add path-breaking novel applications to its development and research projects that it had already successfully accomplished in the area of health informatics, has been carrying out its big data analysis and deep learning-based implementations without taking a moment to pause. In the HekDisco project in which we act both as opinion holder and project coordinator; reducing human-induced mistakes is aimed by developing a novel artificial intelligence-based perspective for treatment applications performed on the staying patients admitted to hospitals.

With the HeKDisco project, it is intended to offer a semantic search and analysis system by processing the patient’s personal information such as qualitative, quantitative, genetic, geographical, and environmental information as well as the data of other patients in healthcare institutions using artificial intelligence methods to help physicians make sounder decisions.

Thanks to the HeKDisco project, both diagnosis and treatment approaches of physicians can be determined, and a smart semantic search engine can be provided for them. Accordingly, physicians are able to access semantic and relational results in symbols such as diagnosis, treatment, medicine, disease, side effect, symptom, and incorrect decisions that will be prevented.

In this project where twelve companies from seven different countries partake, MANTIS will implement its projects in collaboration with Bilbest and Virasoft companies. Additionally, within the scope of the project, interdisciplinary joint works are intended to be implemented with Acıbadem Hospital and Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine.

Both projects have been found successful in FPP evaluations and marked by the ITEA.